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Quarterly Commentary This is our General Commentary that is provided to all our clients each quarter in addition to their quarterly investment management report. 

Economic Reports

 Client Articles & Reports

  • The Changing Value of a Dollar
    Currency Risk...the impact of currency fluctuations on foreign stocks--which could be an issue if interest rates ever decide to go up and/or the dollar strengthens in the future.

  • Understanding Market Performance
    A look at the equity market over the last 10 years can look depressing. Significant ups and downs have become the norm with huge volatility. As this trend has continued, clients may become discouraged and frustrated.  There are a number of your questions we would like to address and answer here.

  • A glossary of terms and jargon: 
    With the debate over the U.S. government debt, the debt woes in the Eurozone, and talk of a double-dip recession--not to mention protestors camping out on Wall Street--suddenly fairly complex economic issues are showing up in the mainstream news. Here are some of the more relevant terms, many of which will be familiar to you, some of which may be new or not understood as well as you would have liked.

Estate Planning 

  • Personal Document Locator
    This document can be used to create a detailed list of where you store your important records and papers and who your primary advisors and contacts are. This list will assist your loved ones in the event of your death or disability. Keep this list at home along with your other important documents, and make sure a trusted family member knows where it is, or provide a copy to the family member, your executor, and/or your attorney. Remember to update your Personal Document Locator at least once a year to ensure its accuracy.  

  • Personal Finance & Estate Organzier
    This is a very detailed and comprehensive organizer. You may wish to use either this, the one above, or a combination of the two.

Financial Planning

  • Here is a detailed list of the many financial planning services that are available to our clients

  • Financial Fitness Checkup checklist
    We created a checklist that we will be sending out during the course of the first and second quarters of each year. This checklist gives us what we need to complete a financial checkup.
  • Value of Financial Planning study
    A new Financial Planning Association survey sponsored by Ameriprise Financial and conducted by Harris Interactive shows how critical the pairing of a professional financial planner and the creation of a comprehensive financial plan can be to an individual’s long-term financial success.
    The Bottom Line: Among the Self Directed, Advice Supported and Comprehensive Planning Participants, those who use a paid financial planner and have a comprehensive written plan feel more confident in their future and their ability to achieve their goals.  Even when most people believe the economy is on the wrong track, Comprehensive Planning Participants feel in control of their financial futures.

  • Sample Personal Financial Plan
    This is a very comprehensive plan. This is posted here to demonstrate the capabilities of our financial planning platform and is not necessarily representative of what each client's Personal Financial Plan will contain.

  • Guide to Sample Personal Financial Plan
    This guide explains further how our Personal Financial Goal Plans - what we call a LIfestyle  plan - is developed.

  • Goal Achievement Report
    The purpose of the Goal Achievement Report is to construct a household balance sheet. A balance sheet in business is used to measure assets vs. liabilities. We use this report to measure a client's resources vs. the claims against those resources in a net present value series of calculations. Your household balance sheet will provide a concise, easy-to-understand, and powerful planning diagnostic report for assessing your ability to achieve your stated financial goals. The Goal Achievement Report allows us to have meaningful discussions with our client's about goal affordability, goal priorities, and spending vs. savings decisions.

  • What Does the Goal Achievement Report Tell You?

Company Workshops
  • Medicare Planning
  • Social Security Planning
  • Tax Planning

Please let us know if you wish to have one or more of these workshops presented at your place of employement or your social club or group.

Company Newsletter

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